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“Holy Cow…what a work out these trainers give you. David & Chris have a great gym, great, professional staff. Eight of our office staff use Body Masters and we have have lost over a 100Lbs (combined) in weight loss.

I Highly recommend Body Masters!!!” – Ed M.

” My entire life I have been the “fat girl.” I have never felt comfortable in my own skin and whenever I would muster up the confidence to change my lifestyle, it would quickly turn to failure. This past June, my co-worker, seeing how unhappy and unhealthy I had gotten, suggested I try Body Masters. After a couple days of trying to think up excuses not to go, I decided it was now or never. If I did not change my lifestyle now, I would be stuck in this vicious cycle for the rest of my life. When I started at Body Masters, every single person welcomed me with acceptance and a non-judgmental approach. Now, 8 months later, I am down 40 lbs and squatting 295 lbs. Body Masters has given me something I thought I had lost forever, my confidence. Body Masters is my family. They support me, challenge me and accept me no matter what. I will never be able to thank them enough for what they have done for me, they have changed my life for the better. I can’t wait for the next 8 months!” – Lizz R.


“This isn’t your typical gym with muscle heads who think they’re cool. Every trainer under this roof is absolutely amazing! They understand that everyone has their own fitness levels and will work with you to help you grow! They will always motivate and encourage you to do your best. Not only are the trainers amazing, everyone who workouts here is amazing! Let’s put it this way, you’re never alone when you walk through the doors at Body Masters. You’re welcomed immediately into an amazing “fit family.” Everyone here is great and I’ve been blessed to have them in my life! I cannot wait to get back at it once my back is healed! – David S.

“Its an amazing place to start your journey of really taking control of your life! I have trained with Chris for 4 yrs and he kicks my butt every time, BUT not only does he push me, but he also helps me get the results I want because he never let’s me give up! Its very family oriented, and its such a wonderful enviroment, & everyone is always friendly!” – Stacie S.

More testimonials!

“20 years to figure out what works for me – finally found it here. Wade DeVries is the best!!!” – Michelle M.

“I really enjoy working out at Body Masters. The staff is professional and make you feel that they actually care that you obtain your goals. I recommend it to everyone. It’s fun and the boot camps they offer are affordable.” – Olga M.

“Best training facility in Omaha! Fun atmosphere and friendly trainers” – Michael N.

“This gym is unique in a wonderful way. They offer group training, or like what I do, one on one training sessions. It is such a judge free zone so I feel extremely comfortable every single time I step foot in there. Typically when I enter a normal gym, my anxiety goes through the roof and I’m so nervous to do any workouts around others there, but not at Body Masters. Everyone minds there own business and they just focus on their own individual goals. My job revolves around strength, and thanks to my time with Andrew over the last 6+ months, I have notice my skills improving greatly and I am now able to perform them without any assistance from others around for the first time ever. I go there to build up my strength and endurance, but the changes I have noticed in my body are just an extreme added bonus. I have never been more proud of myself for how hard I’ve been pushing myself here, and I know it’s because I have constant support and motivation coming from these men at Body Masters. Regardless of who you go there to work out with, you will leave as friends with all of the personal trainers. You become a family here and I’m so thankful I decided to try them out. Thank you Body Masters for helping me being a better version of myself.” – Michelle S.

Even more testimonials!

” After one bad gym experience after another I was about ready to give up. I desperately needed help getting back into shape and I could not do it alone. I had past experiences at gyms with either lack of equipment, lack of knowledge from the personal trainers, rude staff and even was asked before to make a list of things I hated about myself. I could not believe a trainer wanted me to point out my flaws like I did not already think they were there. A friend had recommended me to Body Master’s of Omaha and told me I would not be disappointed and she was right ! My first day there I instantly felt so comfortable with everyone! I was getting high fives, motivation when my skill level was behind everyone else and already sensed a ” fit community” . I have never experienced anywhere else , where those working around you want to see you succeed just as much as you do if not more. if one of us falls behind we take it upon our team to pick them back up. I have seen results from not only my own dedication but because of the family I have gained who are there to celebrate my wins. Give them a try ! You will not be disappointed !” – Julie C

” I’ve been training here for 3 years now. I have never loved an atmosphere more than Body Masters. The trainers are amazing and professional and truly care about you and your fitness goals. My trainer is Chris. Chris is the owner of Body Masters and has built up an amazing business and is always coming up with something new when it comes to advertising, selling shirts, doing fun sale give aways, etc. If you’re looking for one of the most kind, hardworking, and driven trainers in Omaha, he is the one to go to! Chris is always in a good mood and can sometimes even be called a therapist (without the license). He listens to all of my crazy life stories and complaints and chimes in with the perfect advice. He makes the work outs one of a kind for me and kicks my butt every time. No matter how many times I tell him I can’t do it or it’s too hard, he is right there pushing me to go the extra mile. CHOOSE BODY MASTERS!” – Mikayla S.

“Love the environment! Great place to get in shape and feel comfortable while doing it.” – Caroline S.

” I have been using Body Master for personal training ever since they opened about three years ago and I love working out with the trainers there. The gym has great equipment and a very nice professional atmosphere. Since working out with the trainers at Body Masters, I have made great progress with my strength and fitness. I would recommend the trainers at Body Masters to anybody who is looking for improvements in their fitness.” – Lester K.

Ok, so we love our clients and these testimonials.

“Love these guys! So client friendly; they work with you to ensure your goals are met. I would recommend this gym and these trainers to everyone I know.” – Kate J.

“Body Masters Inc. is the best gym experience I’ve had. It is completely individualized to a person’s needs… I was building lean muscle and doing multi-body system movements while the guy next to me was building bulk and doing a completely different work out. The trainers are excellent and truly care about your fitness needs and goals. The gym is clean and not full of the creepy meat heads that frequent the local gyms. It is safe, friendly, and unique – it is not the typical corporate gym, but it is also not the typical “hole-in-the-wall” gym… It has options for training or membership, has key fob access any time, and has lockers and changing rooms. It is clean and comfortable, and the trainers will push you to get a great work out in. Body Masters Inc. is highly, HIGHLY recommended! I wouldn’t go anywhere else!” – Chaeli F.

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